Our facilities include 10 open fields fully electrified of which:

  • 4 new courts surfaced with state-of-the-art synthetic turf,
  • one fully renovated court paved with artificial clay,
  • a multi-court greenset for mini tennis, badminton, pickle ball and foot tennis, with an individual training wall and
  • 4 brand new padel tennis courts covered with state-of-the-art synthetic turf.

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4x Tennis Court
2 people / 4 people

Our club has 4 courts with synthetic turf of the latest generation and are fully electrified with new LED floodlights that make the game fun even at night. These 4 courts are located in the same flow next to each other double at the entrance to our venue.

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1x Tennis Court
2 people / 4 people

Our club has one of the few synthetic dirt courts nationwide. Synthetic dirt is a new technology that helps athletes enjoy our favorite surface even in the harshest weather conditions. This court manages to combine the experience of playing on a dirt surface with the characteristics of turf where one can play even after 30 minutes of heavy rainfall.

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4x Padel Court
4 people

In our club one can find 4 courts of the most popular sport of recent years Padel with panoramic view, where the spectator enjoys maximum viewing performance without obstacles, with synthetic turf of the latest generation and fully electrified.

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Egalite Club is actively involved in organizing championships and tournaments, both short and long term, at individual and team level with great prizes for the winners. Similar tournaments are organized for the fastest growing sport in Europe, Padel Tennis, which Egalite Club was the first to bring to Thessaly.

Announcements about all events and tournaments will be made through the customized phone application, web site and the club's social media on Facebook & Instagramso stay tuned!